Lagarde today is an integrated business association network group of companies and individuals. The members consist of Investment Group Companies, Financial Institutions, Business Group, Business Advisors, Financial Advisors, which all have been proven as professionals in business and financial industry.

With decades of experience, our Mission is to collaborate together and help each other to create a strong network that extend globally.

With combination diversity of skills and empirical experiences, we believe that together we are able help individuals, SME and multinational corporation to provide comprehensive end-to-end solution and one tools for our member complex need in better ways.

Why We Are Different?

Unmatched Network.
We are an integrated network of businesses and financial firms with expertise in more than 32 industries globally
with 500+ professionals and $250 million collaboration projects since 1998.

Highly-skilled Professionals.
Our team consists of CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CPAs, CFPs, CFAs, MBAs, PhDs, who together, deliver customized advice
and strategic solution based on specific needs.

Integrity of Members.
We ensure the willingness of a member to help other members as a main priority for Lagarde.

Digitization of Network.
We build system that creates fast flow of information for members to communicate and The Project Box where
members are able to list their projects and participate in endless of opportunities. Last but not least, members
must contribute publication and research to be published in The Resource Box for other members and the
non – member community able to share.