Since its planning, Lagarde has a strong culture and clear set of values that is essential to build a global network capable to make a real difference. These unique values will continue to be the foundation of Lagarde Advisory Group to keep building and expanding its network. Our Values:

  • Integrity
    Integrity – “a personal quality of fairness that we aspire…”
    Integrity refers to the quality of our network in being honest and having strong moral principles that place the benefit of others before ourselves.
  • Accountability
    Accountability – “The willingness to accept responsibility and account for one actions …”
    We place our clients satisfaction base on our value in being accountable in our action as well decision.
  • Empirical Knowledge and Experience
    Empirical Knowledge – “the body of truth, information, and principles  acquire by human kind…”
    We believe that knowledge is a real condition of gaining facts gained through real accountable experience. Our decision must always originate from experience and able to be verified.
  • Collective Consciousness
    Collective Consciousness – “share of beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as unifying force within society…”
    Civilization starts from basic social interaction that have fundamental inquiries into the nature of social relations, thus it is critical for members of the group to share the same awareness and value.
  • Humility
    Humility – “Freedom from pride and arrogance…”
    We believe that only with the state or quality of being humble can grow to a strong long-term relationship. In business, emotional decision will do more damage then good.