How To Use

Lagarde is a business association network that help its members to grow together. There will be no member- ship-fee; however, to be a member you need to have recommendation from an active member and registered with us. We will review your request and make approval upon your request. After being accepted, our administra- tor will contact you and assign your user-name and pass- word, hence you are registered as Lagarde’s Member.

Step 1:
Log-in as member of Lagarde Advisory Group – Business Association. Contact our administrator or management office to aquire your member user-name and password.

Step 2:
Connect with our member in Lagarde’s network by contacting our association administrator or management.

Step 3:
Our administrator will inform you which members will be able to help and collaborate with your project.

Step 4:
Members can list their projects in our Project Box. Other members simply click on the project to contact the
project owner.

Step 5:
It is mandatory for each member to contribute at least one publication every month and to publish them in the
Resource Box. Members can utilze all research material in the Resource Box for free and contact the member that published them. Therefore, members must make sure that under no condition the publication is bind to any Non-Disclosure Act and NDA Agreement with any third party.